First Impressions: Traffic

Two days now in Dhaka, and feeling intense sensory overload. We have spent a great deal of time traveling small distances in intense traffic.  Not a whole lot of cars, but lots of rickshaws, bicycle and motorized three-wheeler, trucks, buses, vans, scooters, pedestrians. Almost all of the vehicles are painted in bright colors with flowers, and sunsets, and meadows. Lots of idyllic nature scenes. Lots and lots of flowers. They are also pretty battered and bruised, both with bumps, scratches, and missing paint –not at all surprising considering traffic density — and also simply from age. They are also very, very full. Traffic is very tight, and it is remarkable how close rickshaws can get to buses can get to trucks, etc.  As we move forward in our van, it sometimes seems as if we have a very narrow force field that is pushing the pedestrians who are in front of us forward with us.

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