Source Reviews

A source review is a brief analysis of an article. A good review should very briefly summarize the main arguments in the source, provide some minor analysis of those arguments, and show how the source advances the ideas you will be considering in your final paper for the project.

In your review you should provide a critique of your academic source, analyzing and evaluating argument(s), evidence, accuracy, and presentation. While your reader will need a brief summary of the argument, keep it short so that you can focus on analysis. It is important to highlight the strengths as well as weaknesses of the work.

  • You should also explain how the book contributes to your larger project. Some questions you may want to address :
    What kind of source is this? From which discipline does it emerge? Who are its intended readers?
  • What are the author’s sources for the work? How does the author place this work within the field? To what other studies is the author responding?
  • What are the author’s thesis and conclusions? How well is the argument presented? What contributions does the source make to the field?
  • How does the source tie in to your project?
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