Learning to teach online

I’ve been teaching online for two weeks and a day now, and am realizing as I begin, at least temporarily, to emerge from the maelstrom that I wish I had managed to find time to write about it!  So many interesting lessons learned.

Lesson 1: Keep to point!

I made a two-minute video. Okay sound quality, I said what I needed to say, my hair was okay, but even in only 2 minutes I also spent too much time saying things that didn’t matter.  Had an epiphany realizing that I, myself, would not want to waste time watching even 2 minutes of a video that I didn’t find worthwhile.  I want my students to watch the videos I post, so I’d better make sure that every second counts. Or at least I get as close as possible– I’m still figuring this all out!

Lesson 2: Timing Matters

Considering how much time I spent before I started thinking about workflow — I even wrote up a page outlining the workflow for the course — the first week or so was disastrously misaligned.  On the one hand, I was trying to get students to make comments on texts before they’d had time to read them; on the other, I gave them a reading quiz that was intended to guide them throug the readings, but didn’t have it due until the very end of the week.  Still having some challenge with figuring out how to get students to post early, but quizzes are now due a day before the end of the week, and I’m clearer in my instructions about what kinds of posting they have to do early, and how much work they will need to do for it.