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  • A new semester!
    Campus is alive again!  Summer flies by too quickly, and, as I prepare for the first day of classes tomorrow–how did that happen?–I wouldn’t decline the offer of an extra week. But as students fill the sidewalks, Seegers, even the parking lots, I know I’m ready to get back to the good work of learning and thinking and, as a community of the whole, changing the world! […]
  • Fall 2018 Semester starting soon!
    Only a few more days until we go into high gear for the Fall 2018 semester.  Almost hard to believe during these hot, manky days of August that summer break is ending soon. But there are signs: sun rising a bit later in the morning; earlier dark in the evening; stores not only full of school supplies but even stocking up for Halloween! It feels like August. Sad to see the summer go but also excited for a new semester. See you soon! […]

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